Date: 24/04/2019
Author: Five Stones Consulting
Comment of Alexander Karpukhin, a partner of the firm, to the Employment Disputes Magazine.

Employment Disputes magazine ( published a comment of a partner of the firm Alexander Karpukhin in regard to work on a dismissal case in court.  The main idea is that in course of such preparation a lawyer should always organize the documents in a proper way and analyze the practice of the judge handling the case.

In order to win a case on dismissal in court you should avoid mistakes on a pre-trial stage. You should deeply analyze the situation before the case starts. First, don’t ask yourself if the termination procedure was correct, but which counter arguments and employee can use in a court. For example, what happens if an employee was dismissed for non-performance of his/her duties, but he/she does not have a job description. Most likely an employee will refer to its absence and this is a significant risk.” [FOR THE FULL TRANSLATION OF THE ARTICLE PLEASE CONTACT US AT]”