Five Stones Consulting is a boutique consultancy firm of a premium rank which provides business-focused advice in different regions of the world.  The firm is established specifically for acting in the Russian and CIS markets.  Our clients include both foreign players actively working in Russian market and local companies developing their business in Russia and worldwide.

The key principle of our work is to provide the advice that our client really needs to run its business rather than mechanical reference to sophisticated legal framework.  We are doing our best to predict and avoid the issues that our client may meet in its deals.  Although the firm positions itself as a modern business-oriented vehicle which focuses on opportunities without excessive unreasonable complications, our advice always outlines all the risks that shall be considered.  We are constantly educating ourselves to understand the business of our clients and provide desirable and sought solutions.  The quality of our services complies with the best practices of the legal industry.

Our team is composed in a way which allows us to support the projects of various complexity.  The leaders are recognized by well-known global legal rankings such as Legal 500, Chambers, the Best Lawyers, World Tax and local ratings, such as PravoRu 300 and Commersant.

The firm practices all the areas of law which may be requested by contemporary clients to run their business, including M&A and corporate law, general commercial law, real estate and construction law, tax law, finance law, labor and employment law, and litigation.