Legal Management Consulting

Our professionals have unique combination of management experience and legal expertise (both in private practice and in-house), which allows us to support our clients’ business operations in the most efficient manner.  Using this background, we can:

  • Set-up the company’s legal function (in-house legal counsel or a legal department), from creation of actionable roadmaps to full-scale support that includes development of local policies, rules and regulations, preparation of standard forms of documents, starting and testing all internal legal processes, recruitment and training of lawyers and assessment of their performance;
  • Review the structure of the company’s legal function and the existing processes in order to evaluate the quality of the company’s legal risk management and develop recommendation in its improvement;
  • Manage specific legal projects, such as major transactions or litigations, from the goal setting to completion and communication of results to stakeholders;
  • Assist in managing outside legal counsel, including establishing and managing legal panels, coordinating law firms in different jurisdictions, and auditing third-party law firm invoices;
  • Provide legal resources of the required seniority and qualification on a short- or long-term basis.